An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

536tyc.com:Employee Health Care Systems

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Dentsu strives to provide employees with advanced healthcare management, from preventive measures to return-to-work support, so that staff members can enjoy good mental and physical health. Dentsu also conducts periodic health screenings of all employees and actively urges those who haven’t participated in health screenings. In addition to the regular health screenings, the Company also provides for employees who are over 30 years of age examinations for lifestyle-related diseases, including cancer testing. Moreover, helical CT scans are provided for employees 45 years of age and older.

In recent years, the Company has been enhancing measures for mental health, which is an essential health management agenda, and it has held mandatory training on that subject for managers since fiscal 2009. In cooperation with industry-specialized physicians, public health nurses and other medical staff members, Dentsu also provides support for employees returning to work following long periods of convalescence. The return-to-work support system is designed to ensure that excessive pressure is not placed on returning employees and that their illness will not recur.


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